An Immersion Into Self-Care

the diosa experience

Life will not slow down until you do. Pause, breath and relax. Remember how to honor and take care of yourself.

Give yourself permission to accept and enjoy the healing energy of Costa Rica and ignite your inner passion for life.

Join us and our holistic wellness team for a serene week of life changing experiences and self discoveries.

This retreat offers a perfect balance of relaxation, healthy movement and pampering while reconnecting to nature.

Self Care goes way beyond the pampering though... true self care is honoring what is happening inside of our body, mind and soul.

Self Care is not selfish, it is self love! We've strategically selected a private villa with breath taking views to give you the time, space and peace you need to rest, recalibrate and rejuvenate yourself.

During the day you will experience an abundance of sights and sounds in of the most bio diverse areas in Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio.

At night be lulled to sleep by the sound of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy delicious and healthy meals made of local ingredients that are made with love.

Be guided and supported by our wellness team, who will uplift and inspire you to honor yourself for a lifetime!

This Self-Love Immersion will strip away the mundane fears, worries and insecurities of life. Instead, filling you up with passion, excitement & a deep, loving appreciation for yourself.

When we come together as a tribe of women - a sisterhood, we are brought back to our tribal roots of supporting each other and lifting each other up.

You’re transformation starts the day you decide you’re supposed to be here with us.

If you’re feeling called and you know you’re supposed to be here, join us.


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