Frequently Asked Questions

questions about transportation
Is transportation to and from the activities included?

We provide private transportation to and from all scheduled activities.

Can I rent a car at the airport?

Yes. If you prefer to do so, car rentals are available at the San Jose International Airport. Do to the mountainous terrain in Manuel Antonio, we recommend 4x4 vehicle rentals. It is also wise to schedule a car rental at least one week prior to your trip.

Depending on which rental agency you choose, there are dropoff locations in Quepos and in Manuel Antonio. However, once at our retreat, a rental vehicle won't be necessary.

How do I get around once I'm there?

Public buses stop all along Manuel Antonio every 10-20 minutes. For less than $1, you can take a bus down to the beaches, local shops, and restaurants.

There are also local red cabs throughout the entire town. We can contact taxis for your pickup to arrive at the villa and arrange for them to take you anywhere you have in mind.

The villa is also just a short walk from the main road where you'll find local convenience shops, cafes, boutiques, and restaurants.

Do you offer transportation to and from the airport?

We offer private shuttle transportation to and from the airport which takes you directly to the retreat. Private shuttle arrangements are additional and may be made in advance.

How long of a drive is it from the airport?

Manuel Antonio is a little over 2 hours from San Jose International Airport. If renting a vehicle, it will take an additional 30-45 minutes (paperwork and rental pickup is additional time) compared to having a private shuttle service.

Can I fly from San Jose International Airport to the villa?

Smaller flights are available from San Jose International Airport to the Quepos Airport which is approximately a 30 minute flight for under $100. From there, our villa is about a 15 minute taxi drive.

Book a small flight into Quepos here
Questions about Food & Beverage
What type of food is included?

Local farm to table meals created with fresh local ingredients by your chef are included with the price of the retreat. Some of the most delicious vine ripened fruits will be served on a plate or in a smoothie.

Costa Rica coffee which is undoubtedly some of the best you’ve tasted, grown in one of the many farms here in the country. A variety of teas and fresh fruit infused water will be served throughout the day.

Vegan,Vegetarian and Gluten Free options will be on the menu or available upon request.

Is alcohol included?

Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. You may also bring alcoholic beverages to the retreat.

Are there many dining options near the villa?

There are many cafes, bars, and restaurants within walking distance from our villa. Whether you prefer fresh seafood, a hot late, or a cold sandwich - there are a variety of options to choose from.

Can I make special food requests?

We are serving healthy local Costa Rican cuisine with an abudance of fresh fruits and produce. If you are on a special diet please specify beforehand. We are happy to make special arrangements for you.

Where can I purchase snacks or alcohol?

There are mini grocery stores, several tourist stores selling the countries special items, and boutiques for shopping. You will be able to easily access them as they are minutes from our private villa.

What should I pack?

Bikinis, yoga wear, beach wear, tennis shoes, sandals, beach towel, rain jacket, umbrella and comfy layers for travel. Each guest will be given a welcome packet of specifics after they register.

What if I want to explore outside of the villa? Is it safe to do so and how?

We have picked a villa that is in the heart of Manuel Antonio and is centrally located. Yes it is safe. We have done this so that our guests will be able to explore easily with the downtime within the schedule. There will be taxis ready available that we can call for you if needed.

Should I exchange currency prior to arriving?

An ATM is located 2 minutes walking distance from the villa. I highly reccomend using the atm to pull out the country local currency.  

Should I make a copy of my passport?

Yes make a copy of your passport and carry with it you at all times and leave your original passport at the villa during excursions.

Is there downtime for leisure and additional activities?

Yes, we will issue the itinerary 30 days prior to your departure date. There will be plenty of downtime for leisure and additional actives.

What is the weather like there?

Typically, it’s safe to say that Costa Rica will be hot and humid. However, Costa Rica is made up of many micro-climates that make predicting weather here difficult!

Most people want to avoid rainstorms during their visit as much as possible, but sometimes weathering a storm is inevitable – we are in the rainforest, after all!

In fact, if you try looking up weather forecasts for Costa Rica, they most often will always show rain – but don’t let this deter you. We’ve learned to take those forecasts with a grain (or less) of salt!