Hi, I'm Jennifer!

Hey Ladies! My name is Jennifer. Let’s get straight to it- I moved to Costa Rica in 2017 after a traumatic divorce, battle with infertility and long bout of Neurological Lyme Disease.  It is here in the serene tropical lush jungles of Costa Rica, I found myself and my purpose.

I was drawn to the feeling of being here amongst nature and the ocean and felt physically a lot better when living the Pura Vida lifestyle. My life prior was filled with stress, loss and grief. I arrived here feeling broken but have found a true sense of recovery through the lifestyle here.

I wanted to create a complete new life from anything I had known. So I decided to open a hotel in October 2018 after falling in love with the country and culture. I discovered my love of hosting like minded solo women travlers and sharing our experiences together. I knew instantly, I would host a retreat to bring a group of women together to share everything I had learned in my journey of self care. I learned quickly that we all have so much in common despite being from different places or different stages in our lives.

I mentioned a battle with infertility. My first daughter was born in Costa Rica and I truly believe living here gave me the renewed energy and health I needed to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. I was told that I was infertile due to Lyme’s Disease but having a baby was my dream. I am proof that miracles can happen and my daughter is why I do what I do.

I am so grateful to be in a season of my life where I can share the healing energy of this beautiful country. I have asked my friends who have helped me along this journey to share all their magical expertise with others to further allow for healing on a larger scale. I believe we all need spiritual self-care and am excited to explore how consistent self care can connect us with ourselves and a higher power or source.


Jennifer Brasted
Owner, Diosa Retreats

meet Kelsey nichol

Kelsey started her personal yoga practice more than 10 years ago after being on medications for depression and anxiety she knew there was a better way to handle her psyche than with pills. Shortly after starting her practice it improved her quality of life, she knew she had to share the benefits with the world.

After divorce at a young age she received her first teacher training in Colorado in the vinyasa and power style of yoga. With her new knowledge and single woman freedom she left the United States to travel and live throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

She went on to receive her 500 hr yoga teacher training in hatha and ashtanga in the mountains of Austria. She is fascinated with the physical and scientific effects that yoga has on the mental emotional and spiritual body and continues to learn and spread the love and light through each class and every student.

meet juliet davey

Juliet started making chocolate in Costa Rica in 2009 and creates small-batches of fine chocolate bars and artisanal chocolate treats from the award-winning beans grown from the cacao trees she tends to at a nearby organic cacao farm.

After taking a break from the chocolate-making scene, she returned with renewed vigour in 2016. Now better known as Mamá Cacao, she offers on-going chocolate-making workshops in Manuel Antonio as well as selling her range of dairy and vegan truffles, cacao drinks, bars, beans and other chocolatey treats.

She sources her organic beans from ethical growers located in the Central Pacific and Southern Zones of Costa Rica. Mamá Cacao organized Manuel Antonio's first chocolate festival - Salon de Cacao - along with Samaritan Xocolate and Gypsy Trader. This festival showcased this region's fine quality cacao & artesanal chocolate. It took place in Cafe Milagro on June 11th 2017.

She goes under the brand name of Mamá Cacao. She organises the Salon de Cacao - a small festival celebrating the cacao and chocolate of this region. She will be offering her chocolate-making workshop to our retreat groups, bringing her expertise and passion for this ancient superfood.

meet Marlot Pels

I am Marlot, a 27 year old Dutch girl grown up in the city centre of Amsterdam, currently living in beautiful Costa Rica spending most of my time at the beach.

In the ocean and at the beach i feel stronger and more self secure and in peace than ever. It wasn’t a matter of choosing a different live, it just happened.

During one of my travels to escape the city for a while, I started surfing. Nothing ever gave me more perseverance.

I decided to stay for the summer and work at the beach to be able to surf as much as possible and here i still am, 2.5 years later. Surfing changed my life, my health, my home and my ambitions. It is incredible to be so close to nature and  play with the strength of the ocean and the magnitude of the waves.

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